SUPERHERO ME is a non-profit inclusive arts movement that arms children from special needs and less privileged communities with creative confidence. It focuses on inclusive programming and training, creative advocacy and strategic cross-sector partnerships to shape the narrative of inclusion in Singapore and serves as a platform for social mixing where children of all abilities work together through creative experiences that encourage perspective, empathy and resilience. Seeded by the Lien Foundation in 2014 as an early childhood programme in Lengkok Bahru, Superhero Me has reached out to more than 20,000 people through a myriad of efforts. It is now a registered arts company and is a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Seed Grant for the period of 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2020.

We are an agile community of practice with diverse backgrounds and skill sets and function as a network of creatives, producers and facilitators who assemble based on project and training requirements.

Vision and Mission

The arts is bursting with potential to ignite social change when bringing children of different social backgrounds together. It is a language that has the power to unite others despite their differences and to be that space for all parties involved to build creative confidence and turn diversity to strength.

Our vision is to make the arts accessible for children from less privileged and special needs communities and push its potential as a great levelling tool. Exposing children to various art forms through partnerships with artists allows them to experience the transformative power of creativity and empowers them with opportunities that foster inclusion and resilience.

From 2017 to 2020, we aspire to:

  • Realise and harness the creative potential of children with disabilities, special needs and from less-privileged backgrounds through a range of art forms.
  • Build our capabilities to inspire an ecosystem of creatives, art practitioners, social change champions, educators and volunteers to allow for a more inclusive approach in their work.
  • Inspire an artful, creative take towards advocating for social causes


Inclusion at Superhero Me is a conscious effort by every individual in the room to support each other to Participate, Achieve and Belong. This means being clear about (a) Our Programme Narrative (b) Scaffolding options for children with special needs & (c) the Team Culture in the room.

We believe Inclusion is not a destination, but a journey of self awareness and aspiration in how we can uplift each other in the room. It will take time. We aim to kickstart this journey for the children we work with, not be an end goal in itself. Inclusion is not a one-man show, but a whole team effort. Everyone can try to include. Skill-sets to facilitate inclusion are not limited to those who are trained to work with children with special needs. Our team approach is to be strategic about where your skills and energy can be applied.


  • For all children and adults we work with:
    1. An introduction into the inclusive arts practice to learn about differences, empathy and diversity as a strength.
    2. Provide a platform for children, families and educators to develop self advocacy skills and experience inclusion in a community setting.
    3. Develop confidence to communicate with children of different abilities through a range of creative arts.
  • For Typically-Developing Children:
    1. Build confidence, pick up new communication skills and social ability to work with friends with diverse needs.
    2. Take back to school positive attitudes, vocabulary and skills to create a more inclusive environment for friends with special needs in their school.
    3. To be advocates of inclusion and contribute to their school’s inclusive culture.
  • For Children with Special Needs:
    1. Participation in an inclusive creative experience of quality to build self confidence in expression and develop self advocacy skills.
    2. Experience belonging, socio-emotional development and communication skills with peers of the same age group,
    3. Achievement, self-expression and self-advocacy through community art.

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