Why Do Hunters Hunt Animals When They Can Hunt For Gold?

A seven-year-old boy has an impossible dream of bringing extinct animals back to life. He sets out on a journey of discovery through art to build his understanding of biodiversity. Knowledge is power, some say. What will he do with what he knows?


Fong Git Yu graduated from Kindle Garden by AWWA, Singapore’s first inclusive preschool and is currently adapting to the world of Primary One at River Valley Primary School. Git Yu has been fascinated with animals since he could crawl and can chat endlessly about his latest discoveries. He loves lions and hopes humans will play their part to protect animals. By the way, he also has autism.

Lee Wan Xiang is an artist and illustrator. Her practice is a process of self-inquiry and a means of spontaneity and play. She is interested in the illustrative and raw qualities of drawing, at times using found objects, metaphors and symbols to frame and reflect her state of being, bringing out themes of identity and belonging. Wan Xiang was an Artist in Residence at Facebook Singapore in 2019. She graduated with an MA in Art Therapy from Lasalle College of the Arts and is now working as an art therapist at a nursing home.

By Fong Git Yu and Lee Wan Xiang
Published by Superhero Me in 2019