Universe of Feelings

Nobody seems to understand 6-year-old Darryl, until one day, a mysterious new friend – Blob – visits from space and they form an instant connection. How will this chance encounter change Darryl’s way of expressing himself as he travels with Blob through the Universe of Feelings?

Quek Hong Shin is a Singaporean author and illustrator whose work include picture books like The Amazing Sarong, The Brilliant Oil Lamp and Universe of Feelings. His titles were nominated twice for The Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award and The Incredible Basket, published by Epigram, was the winner of Best Children’s book at 2019 Singapore Book Awards.

Hong Shin joined Superhero Me in 2016 as a facilitator. He has been honing his skills in fostering social interaction between children of different abilities and producing art projects with children with special needs.

Written and Illustrated by Quek Hong Shin
Published by Superhero Me in 2019