First Class Games

An enthusiastic group of 12-year-olds look deeper into their home, Lengkok Bahru, through design thinking and game design, led by a fun group of facilitators who’ve grown up with them over the years.

This box set of four games which pack fun, personality and aspiration, is the result of their year-long effort to share a perspective inspired by the people and places they grew up with.

The First Class boxset includes House of Cats, a fast-paced memory-matching game to find missing cats; Swank Tank, a cooperative game to assemble fish tanks without scum; Market Blitz, a competitive card game to build a dream business empire and Unleashed, a party game of persuasion and sabotage with neighbourhood dogs.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2020

Lead: Annusia Balan
Facilitators: Joyce Teo, Austin Chia, Grace Goh, Charis Anne Lim, Edwin Chen

Child Designers:

House of Cats: Nur Shahanis Bte Johar & Maryangelly Jayabahan
Swank Tank: Alfred Goh, Brandvan Yang
Market Blitz: Huios Ow, Elvis Lim
Unleashed: Raden Rauf Bin Radin Padli, Muhammad Afeeq Bin Muhammad Firdaus, Muhammad Azeeq Bin Muhammad Firdaus