Universe of Feelings – Immersive Experience

In Collaboration With
Republic Polytechnic


The Universe of Feelings was born as a visual arts installation in Rainbow Centre, inspired by a boy with autism called Darryl who always draws symbols. It was subsequently developed into a beautiful book by its lead artist and author Quek Hong Shin.
And at the end of a strange and tumultuous year, under the mentorship of director Samantha Bounaparte and her amazing team from School of Technology for the Arts, Republic Polytechnic, Universe of Feelings marked its debut as a sold-out multi sensory theatre piece at the Esplanade to encourage Singaporeans to open their hearts to children who speak in ways other than words.
Pride is an understatement as we reflect on the gusto and courage displayed by our young cast, crew and partners who have committed through changing life seasons to deliver this project. More importantly, it has cemented our resolve to stay united towards our shared vision of a more inclusive society come what may.
It was a dream to perform at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, adapting to countless safety measurements which really enabled our team resilience to shine and conquer each challenge with creativity. Thank you Mediacorp Enable Fund, SG Enable, Rainbow Centre, Singapore and National Arts Council for your support and trust.