Planet of Possibility

Produced By
Superhero Me


Superhero Me: The Special Edition presented Planet of Possibility, an experiential art show for children and the young-at-heart to make a stand for a more inclusive Singapore through socially engaged art. The art show involved more than 80 children and youths aged 4 – 21 years old. They include the first batch of graduates from Lien Foundation’s Circle of Care Programme, students from Pathlight School’s Artist Development Programme, preschoolers from AWWA Kindle Garden (Singapore’s first inclusive preschool), Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School and MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School.

Work on the exhibition began in March 2016 over the course of three months under the guidance of a group of young artists and volunteers. A participating child’s journey involves developing a sense of creative confidence through crafting his or her Superhero identity and costume and then working together as a team to create various forms of artwork for the show.

Over 2,200 people attended the community arts show at Objectifs over a month. We also piloted inclusive tours that reached out to close to 200 preschoolers from mainstream preschools and 120 children with special needs from our partner special schools. Five mentor artists were involved, along with 18 youth facilitators who helmed our school workshops and art show.

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