Open Call: Rainbow Centre x Superhero Me Creative Residency 2024

In collaboration with
Rainbow Centre


Open Call Deadline Extended
Submit your proposals by 21 January 2024!

As part of Superhero Me and Rainbow Centre’s three-year partnership, we’re excited to announce a pilot creative residency programme aimed at sparking new ideas, collaboration opportunities and an exchange of perspectives surrounding disability inclusion.

The Rainbow Centre x Superhero Me Creative Residency will run from 4 Mar – 28 June 2024. We are seeking two individuals or groups who are passionate about understanding the system, services, community and relationships surrounding a child with disability and are keen to contribute to our work in inclusion advocacy through your creative skills and talents.

We invite applicants to submit their proposal to develop a project or create work that explores and challenges themes related to:

  1. Inclusive Communication: How may we expand our appreciation of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)?
  2. Inclusive Public Spaces: How may we create welcoming spaces for persons with disabilities?
  3. Inclusive Arts and Heritage: How may we build on existing cultural initiatives for more persons with disabilities to benefit from the arts?
  4. Inclusive Communities: How may we support persons with disabilities and their families to have more friends?

We’re open to anyone from the field of arts, culture, design, education, space, technology and beyond – who possesses curiosity, empathy and a drive to progress our society’s understanding and ability to include those with disabilities.


  • Monthly Stipend of $1,500  for 4 months
  • An estimated production fee of $1,000 .
  • Co-working space in Rainbow Centre Margaret Drive
  • Introduction to Disability & Interacting with People with Disabilities Workshop by Rainbow Centre Training and Consultancy
  • As Residency Producer, Superhero Me will facilitate and bridge opportunities with Rainbow Centre. Superhero Me will also provide marketing and production support for workshops and public facing events


  • A residency project that involves regular engagement with the Rainbow Centre community, which includes children, youth, families, caregivers, social service professionals and special educators etc during the duration of the residency.
  • Documentation of process
  • Fortnightly updates of project milestones
  • Ad-hoc exchanges with the Rainbow Centre community
  • A public facing workshop or conversation about Residency outcomes


  • Applicants must be based in Singapore
  • You may apply as an Individual or collective.
  •  Applicants must commit to the entire duration of the residency. Do expect to spend at least 2 days a week on the residency. Applicants are still free to pursue other endeavours.


  • Open Call: 13 Dec 2023 – 21 Jan 2024
  • Interviews: 31 Jan – 2 Feb 2024
  • Open Call Results: 7 Feb 2024

Residency Duration

4 Mar to 28 June 2024 (4 Months)

Required Reading before Proposal Submission

How to Apply

  • Residency Proposal (PDF). Here are some guidelines to help you
    • What do you seek to achieve?
    • How will this residency enable you to deepen or expand your practice?
    • Why are you interested in exploring disability inclusion work?
  • Curriculum Vitae(s)
  • Sample or Link to Portfolio (If Applicable)

Please attach the above in an email to