PEEKABOO! is an inclusive arts festival boldly reinventing classic hide-and-seek.

Its mission: Bring children alien to each other, together. Set in Rainbow Centre, a school that serves children with disabilities, this festival for all is a labour of love born from a five-month arts residency programme involving six artists, 20 arts facilitators and the community to explore themes of identity and place in the world.

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Wandering down the hallways at Rainbow Centre, one quickly gets the sense that each classroom is an entryway into a different world. And it’s these extraordinary, kaleidoscopic worlds that we are inviting the public to take a peek into. Our in-depth stories will shine the spotlight on Rainbow Centre’s journey of inclusion, the daily challenges of working with special needs children, its tribe of parent advocates and how the school gears its graduating batch for the next step of their lives. The project also seeks to give a voice to the foreign domestic helpers toiling quietly behind-the-scenes and most importantly, celebrate the children’s hopes and dreams.

Stories by Toh Ee Ming

Launching April 2019