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What is this?

An educational resource package for children and people with disabilities to help them develop self-care skills and understand routine changes and protective measures due to COVID-19. It is produced by Superhero Me, with the support of Dr Lim Hong Huay, Dr Leong Hoe Nam, Eden School and Lien Foundation.

Introduction by Dr Lim Hong Huay

Dear Caregivers and Educators,

COVID-19 has caused much public and social disruption globally and in Singapore. Many infographics have been rapidly used for mass risk communications and public education. However, these mainstream materials and messages are often hard to understand or grasp for children and persons with significant communication and intellectual disabilities. Like every other Singaporean, they need to learn new skills and knowledge to protect themselves and their loved ones, change behaviours to be socially responsible in public places, and understand what is happening to manage the anxiety they intuitively sense in those around them. They also need to adapt to changes in daily lives because of disease control measures.

Children and persons with disabilities are part of Singapore’s community, and we want to include them in our efforts to fight COVID-19. Hence we collaborated to come up with this learning package to help caregivers teach their children and PWD:

  1. Three ways to protect themselves, families and friends
    • Simplified hand-washing technique

    • Appropriate cough/sneeze etiquette

    • How to wear a mask appropriately

  2. About COVID-19, changes to daily life to fight the disease and to assure them that if they fall sick, they will be well taken care of by medical professionals.

We hope these materials will enable and empower our fellow caregivers to overcome the new challenges as a result of COVID-19 in Singapore.

DR LIM HONG HUAY is an epidemiologist and developmental paediatrician. She is a director at Rophi Clinic and caregiver to her three children, of whom her eldest daughter and youngest son were both diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She led the development of the ECHO (Early Childhood Holistic Outcomes) Framework for early intervention programmes in Singapore and spearheaded the inaugural Care Carnival, an initiative led by parents, for parents. It seeks to connect, enable and empower fellow caregivers of children and youth with special needs.

How do I use the resources?

(Download Slides)

This deck includes a photo slideshow with videos and a comic strip conversation designed for children and people with disabilities. It aims to help them develop self-care skills and understand routine changes and protective measures due to COVID-19. We have worked to critically distil, intentionally simplify and carefully concretise the content to match the communication and cognitive level of those with significant disabilities. It is free for use in classrooms, community and home settings, please credit our work “By Superhero Me” when appropriate.



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Who is behind this collaborative effort?

Advisors: Dr Lim Hong Huay & Dr Leong Hoe Nam, Eden School
Producers: Chen Weiyan, Jean Loo
Films & Photos: Ong Boon Kok, Lam Xinying, Marvin Tang
Website: Sulphur

Content by
Superhero Me’s Class of 2020 Captains:

Tan Peiling, Jezreel Cheong, Seah Heng Yong, with support from Valencia Liau, Phua Jie Min, Foong Jing Ming, Austin Chia & Stella Png.

Kindle Garden Alumni

Arthur Kiu, Fong Git Yu, Lorraine Lim and Rinn Chan turn eight this year and are all alumni of Kindle Garden, Singapore’s first inclusive preschool by AWWA, seeded by the Lien Foundation. At Kindle Garden, they played, learnt and grew up with friends of different abilities. Although they are now in different schools, these friends stay connected through inclusive advocacy projects organised by Superhero Me and serve as junior inclusion ambassadors with the support of their families.

Nur Hidayah Shahrudin, Rizq Nawfal & Qays Naushad

Hidayah is mum to twin boys Rizq Nawfal and Qays Naushad, both 7 years old. She runs her own business, BalmBeBee, manufacturing homemade organic skincare products. Hidayah’s family strongly believes in advocating through sharing her own experiences with Rizq, who has Cerebral Palsy, to help the public understand he is a vibrant and intellectual individual despite his physical limitations and being non-verbal. She hopes her twins will grow to be courageous individuals who practise inclusion.

Bob Lee & Lee Jun Le

For a decade, Bob Lee was a veteran photojournalist with Singapore’s national Chinese language daily Lianhe Zaobao, before he left the newsroom to care for his son Jun Le, 12, who has autism. Bob diligently documents his son’s journey with autism, as the positive energy keeps him going. Having started from ground zero with caring for a special needs child, Bob tries everything with Jun Le, who particularly likes food, trains and travel. Bob now runs his own company, The Fat Farmer, providing corporate photography and videography services.

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