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A collection of two inclusive art projects co-created by Superhero Me and children from Kindle Garden, Singapore’s first inclusive preschool and Superhero Me. The stories, created when the children were in K1 and Primary 2, explore themes of kindness, empathy and friendship as they make the big leap from preschool to primary school.

Who is coming to Dinner?
What does a five year old have to say about dinner? This series of short stories invites you to learn about diversity, kindness and empathy from a child’s perspective.

The Greatest Supper Party!

Making the great leap to primary school, friends from Kindle Garden reunite over cooking sessions to create recipes and short stories inspired by their adventures from new friendships and environments.

Who is coming to dinner: Isac Ljungstrom, Fong Git Yu, Rinn Chan, Tan Pin Wen, Alethea Kwek, Soh Kiat Quan

The Greatest Supper Party: Alethea Kwek, Arthur Kiu, Chue Chi Yin, Germaine Wong, Fong Git Yu, Lorraine Lim, Rinn Chan. Facilitated by Sarah Png

Published by Superhero Me in 2022 & Designed by ONO Creates